Who are we ?

Founder of the Piot-Mouny and Roy firm, the lawyer Gilles Piot-Mouny, a recognized expert in industrial responsibility has now become indispensable, especially in the air-conditioning sector, and is now the favourite partner of companies which appreciate his discretion and his ability to listen and synthesize.

In 2013, together with his partner Fanny Roy, after her experience of 15 years in large business law and corporate law firms, they have created a new firm with a precise goal: to focus on strategy and to contribute to their clients ‘growth.

Gilles Piot-Mouny and Fanny Roy, associate lawyers in Lyon, have developed recognized skills in commercial law expertise, social law, real estate law and corporate law. Their motto is to speak the language of business.

They both decided to join forces in 2013 and created a firm which relies on agility and creativity thanks to more concentrated structures : a deliberate choice that corresponds to their wish but also a precise strategy which is to offer their clients a transversal approach and to give a personal support as well in counseling as in litigation.

Gilles Piot-Mouny

After having long dreamed of becoming a criminal lawyer, Gilles Piot-Mouny finally took his oath to the Bar of Lyon in 1979 after his degree as a Master of business law. After a first collaboration with Leon Lapra, an iconic figure in Lyon, he joined the Pelissard firm, a prominent structure of the Rhône Bar. Then he met Eric Jeantet and they both left in 1986 to found together Juri-Europe, a firm dedicated to business law, offering their clients a wide range of transversal skills. In 1991, the firm became GIE Juri-Europe after merging with two consulting firms, and they offered their clients counseling and legal advice. In Juri-Europe, Gilles Piot-Mouny has also developed a parallel skill in real estate law, notably in the field of social housing.

Fanny Roy

After being admitted to the Bar of Lyon in 1999, Fanny Roy began her career in a large audit and international consulting firm, where she dedicated herself entirely to the practice of company law before joining the GIE Juri-Europe. Her meeting with Gilles Piot-Mouny will be decisive: at his side, she will focus mainly on franchise and trade law and she has now acquired a recognized expertise in these fields. She accompanies her clients-mainly SMEs- in counseling and litigation, and they praise the personal involvement, the toughness and tenacity she puts in defense of each case, as well as her responsiveness and availability.