Our areas of expertise

Founder and partner of SCP-JURI EUROP, Gilles Piot-Mouny has developed expertise recognized in business law. In 2013, with Fanny Roy, he has founded the Piot-Mouny and Roy firm.

The main activities of the firm.

Industrial responsibility

The firm works on behalf of clients operating in various sectors and has developed a specialty in the field of heating and air conditioning. The firm advises and assists clients in amicable and judicial expertise, manages pre-litigation phases and litigation phases with a perfect command of the mechanisms of legal and contractual warranty, civil and contractual liability.

Commercial law

The Piot-Mouny and Roy firm is familiar with the development of commercial contracts and has developed a renowned expertise in the field of franchise networks in various sectors such as catering, food or fitness expertise.

We have the competence for:

  • The drafting of franchise agreements, trademark licensing, commission-affiliation contracts, booking of area contracts, pre-contractual information documents.
  • Consulting in network strategy (implantation of master franchise, commercial agent contracts).
  • The drafting and advice related to distribution, supply, referencing contracts, general conditions of sale and purchase.

We perfectly master litigation (state and arbitration courts). Our responsiveness and availability ensure an efficient management of litigation.

Real estate law

The Piot-Mouny and Roy firm assists their clients in real estate matters in the following areas:

  • Litigation in real estate transactions, assistance in expertise operations.
  • Commercial, residential leases, management of recovery of rent disputes and evictions.
  • Condominium.

Labor law

We also assist enterprises, particularly as regards labor litigation, everywhere in France.

Having been the private consultant of a renowned transport company, the firm has developed a recognized experience in the monitoring of labor disputes.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Individual or collective dismissal litigation.
  • Assistance in the drafting of collective agreements.
  • Assistance and strategy in the management of labor accidents.
  • Gross fault litigation.

Corporate law

The Piot-Mouny and Roy firm has created a department specifically dedicated to the legal monitoring and the management of everyday-life operations in a company.

We have the competence for:

  • The development of statutes and filing formalities.
  • Ensuring the legal secretariat: approval of accounts, statutory amendments, boards of directors, holding of the verbal minutes of meetings.